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Barnet Together is a collaboration between Inclusion Barnet, Volunteering Barnet, Groundwork London and the Young Barnet Foundation. Together we offer high quality training, volunteering support and provide vital resources and advice to Barnet’s community organisations. We unite local people, charities and businesses to grow and strengthen local partnerships enabling our borough to innovate and thrive. This is part of our response to support our community and address the impacts of the pandemic.  


The Barnet Food Hub has centralised distribution networks in the borough which helps provide extra support to our community whilst also diverting food away from the waste cycle. Our aim is to ensure that our foodbanks have the ability to provide sufficient, safe and nutritious food to all those who use their services. All of this supports the Borough's priorities in addressing food poverty and insecurity. It is a strong platform to promote positive messaging in a fight against food insecurity and the creation of a more resilient food system in Barnet, beyond the fight against Covid-19.  




The Barnet Food Hub acts as an intermediary support hub for our partners. Through creating networks with various community groups, we have the power to bring in additional food and distribute it more effectively, which in turn goes out to provide reliable and stronger supplies for foodbanks. This support is expanded through provision of additional resources including community funds and beneficiary support. Our work aligns with the borough's approach to food poverty/insecurity by working with our statutory partners to support the Food Security Action Plan. 

We focus on building relationships with / between foodbanks and community groups and wider stakeholders where appropriate. We facilitate network meetings to support foodbanks and offer statutory partners a platform to engage directly with front line services. Additionally, we work to collect data and collate the information to fulfil reporting requirements and ensure service provision is guided by accurate insight. This assists our strategic partners within the borough to build up a picture regarding food insecurity / poverty. This work has also allowed us to widen the variety of fresh food on offer from the Hub, providing more nutrient-dense food at foodbanks. An additional benefit from this is the increased ability to divert food away from landfill, enabling the Barnet Food Hub to provide an essential dual service in our community.  


We are always looking for new ways to support the community and to strengthen the current support that we provide. Our reach grows with every partnership formed and donation made. If you would like to get involved in the project, we suggest you do this in one of the following ways:


  • Donate to your local food bank. We encourage you to make individual donations to your local foodbank – find your closest one here:


  • Volunteer at your local foodbank. Reach out to your local foodbank to find out if they need any volunteer assistance OR consider volunteering here at the Hub. As we grow, there will be more opportunities to help out at the Hub, so please keep an eye out on our volunteering page to keep up to date with any vacancies:


  • Connect with us or connect us with local suppliers and producers!  



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