Young Barnet Foundation is a membership movement set up to help grow local activities and opportunities for children and young people across the London Borough of Barnet. 

We are committed to improving the life chances of all our children and young people living in Barnet. We believe that children and young people need opportunities for learning and fun, beyond family and formal education, building strong trusted relationships with adults and their peers in the wider community; leading to broadened networks, increased confidence and life skills.

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Providing funding, knowledge and resources to help members deliver much-needed services

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Connecting people, organisations and the local community within the borough of Barnet

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Growing opportunities,

activities and services for the borough's children & young people. 

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Young Barnet Foundation support for members during Coronavirus.  Including updated NYA Guidance.

Become a member of Young Barnet Foundation.

Space2Grow#21 Home, School & Community Fund & #23 Easter HAF is currently accepting applications. Apply 

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Find out more about Young Barnet Foundation membership offer and how we support the community groups across Barnet.

See which organisations are Young Barnet Foundation members and link through to their websites for more information.

Lots of Information dedicated to supporting our members.

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Our Space2Grow Children & Young People's Fund supports members to deliver projects and initiatives which grow opportunities for local children and young people.



Donate to support the work we do

Donate to fund children and young peoples' activities and services across Barnet via our grants programme.  Find out more HERE

Supporting Young Barnet Foundation in our core operations of supporting our members

Supporting the Community across Barnet during the Coronavirus pandemic. 
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Find out how to support the local foodbanks in Barnet and when you can deliver donations.  Also details of where and when the foodbanks are open

Donations don't always have to be financial, find out how you can donate your time in various ways to help the work we do. 

Help YBF and its members deliver a smile this to disadvantaged local children and young people


Young Barnet Foundation's work is underpinned by generous leadership; encouraging members, partners and residents to work together for the greater good. 


Being generous is not only about money but time, knowledge, skills, information, and power. It is about creating a space to trust, and to collaborate so that all children and young people are the true beneficiaries.  


Together we can help create safer, stronger, more connected communities so that all our residents thrive but it’s too big a job to do alone and that is why we need your support.   

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Produced by a Middlesex University student on placement with Young Barnet Foundation. 

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Building stronger, safer, more connected communities in Barnet

Barnet Together is a partnership between Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet. We provide support, advice and opportunities to Barnet’s community organisations. We unite local people, nonprofits and businesses allowing them to grow and strengthen enabling our borough to innovate and thrive​


Find our more about the Barnet Community and information on community groups supported by the grants. 

It is important that the voluntary sector in Barnet is clear about its intentions and views. Back the Barnet Together Manifesto document to show your support.

Find out more about the Barnet Together partners and the work done to support the sector locally.