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Space2Grow#30  -  The 2023 Micro Grant

Space2Grow#30 launched in March 2022 for members to apply for up to £250 in a quick and simple way. A total of £3,500 was available for the year, which has now been allocated, and the fund is now therefore closed. 


The criteria was broadened from the 2022 Micro Grant, (Space2Grow#22) following feedback from members to include:     

  • self development of the personnel within the organisation to help members invest in their people, be it staff, volunteers or Trustees and to help the ongoing development of their organisation. 

  • small capital expenditure that an organsiation may need but lack funding for.  

  • we received feedback that members often wanted to access a workshop or activity from another YBF member but again lacked funding. Therefore, the criteria for the fund was broadened to allow for applications where one member would like to 'buy in' a fellow members service for the benefit of their children and young people. 

The round did not have an independent funding panel. The grants officer reviewed applications on a periodic basis to ensure minimum requirements are met before getting awards signed off by a trustee.  


1) Read Eligibility Criteria

2) Apply online

3) Receive decision and payment within 28 days maximum from date of application.

4) Complete training / course.

5) Complete online M&E form

The full criteria document is available here


A total of 14 Grants, totalling £3,448 were awarded. The remaining £52 will be rolled into the funding for next years Micro Grant. See below for details of which organisations were awarded grants, and what the funding was for:

Mind Body Balance Coaching - £240

The funding will allow the purchase of 12 yoga mats used to deliver 'Discover your Power', a 10 week coaching/breathwork programme for secondary school students in Barnet who are emotionally struggling. As a new CIC we are aiming to pilot the programme in a number of secondary school environments and gather evidence of its impact. The pilots will be delivered for free and required equipment will be self-funded and where available through grant funding.

The London Horseplay Centre - £250

The funding will cover the cost of Emergency First Aid at work course. This is required as current certification has expired.


9th Muswell Hill Scout Group - £233

In line with our organisations principals and mission we aim to get young people into the great outdoors as much as possible. As we move into the summer season we aim for almost all our session to take place outdoors where we see greater benefit, engagement and enjoyment from all age ranges of our members. In order to do so, we wish to purchase a range of new equipment (tarpaulins, fire lighting equipment etc) to enable us to do so. 

Give. Help. Share - £250

This funding will be used to part-fund a new photocopier, which will support the educational side of our charity. With 300 children now participating in our workshops weekly, we require a higher-spec photocopier to cater for a greater number of resources.

Dementia Prevention UK - £250

One of our 5 brain health Pillars is Physical health. We would like to provide physical activity taster sessions as part of our workshops so delegates will make a positive connection between brain health and physical activity. Introducing specific simple movements can encourage children to engage in physical activity at home and with their parents. The idea is to demonstrate fun activities that the children can do at home with their parents. We would like to be able not just talk about them but demonstrate them.
In order to do that we need a Level 2 Gym instructor qualification.

New Barnet Community Association - £250

Our current PC was donated around 10 years ago. Some software programs are no longer supported and it has become very slow. There are good opportunities to get reconditioned equipment and upgrade exisiting programs e.g. Adobe. This will mean that we can continue to do our own payroll and all other adminsitrative duties.

Angie's Keep Calm and Sing group - £230

This funding is to help provide essential equipment for marketing and the delivery of Talks/ Presentations about my organisation's services to Schools, Colleges and Universities. A Banner stand will display information about our website and contact details. A link to directly booking workshops can be displayed via a QR code on the Banner stand. A smaller sign and stand will be useful for smaller green spaces where there is uneven ground particularly for the outdoor Nature workshops we deliver. My organisation needs this equipment to help instantly display what my organisation is about and the positive health benefits.

Ebony Ambassadors CIC - £250

We would like to use the funding to purchase heat press and Vinyl, both material will enable us to organised more free rhinestone embellishment workshop and it will reduce our cost of resting heat press.

LiFT CIC - £250

This will provide 56 recipe bags for CYP to take home. This will provide approx. 224 meals which will support families in several ways as listed in the following question. This has been identified as a need based on weekly conversations and observations from staff/volunteers where concerns have been raised about finances and food directly from CYP that attend our sessions.

Canons CC - £250

This funding will enable Girls aged 7y - 11y to train for hardball cricket in our Summer, Autumn and Spring term training, with a view to Trial for Middlesex Cricket in 2023 and 2024. The funding is aimed to be used to purchase Junior size Hard-balls, Helmets, Pads, Gloves, Arm, Abdomen & Thigh Guards at the best acceptable quality and lowest prices.

Fun Unique Social Enterprise C.I.C. - £250

The inclusion of Brian the Brain in our summer scheme is even more impactful considering that the participating children come from marginalized communities, which puts them at a higher risk of cognitive decline. By educating children and their families about brain health, we can provide additional value and help reduce the risk of cognitive decline. The two one-hour interactive sessions dedicated to physical health, mental health, nutrition, and brain stimulation will equip participants with knowledge and tools to maintain cognitive abilities and lead a brain-healthy lifestyle. These sessions will empower families to prioritize their brain health for long-term well-being.

SweetTree Farming For All - £250

Funding for tools for use by clients in horticulture and animal care activities. Spades, shovels, forks, rakes, secateurs, and hand trowels and forks. We will use these to deliver projects that help develop young people's independence, confidence and work skills by engaging them in a variety of
horticulture and conservation activities. Examples of activities include tree planting, vegetable growing, and field maintenance.

Impact Barnet  - £245

Impact Barnet have a mobile meeting room which is a converted minibus that is taken to schools within Barnet for holding sessions with groups of children and needs a new clutch fitting.

20th Finchley Scout Group - £250

The funding will pay for two places on a GB Archery Instructor Award course being run at Frith Grange Scout Campsite on the 5th and 12th November.

Space2Grow#30 in thanks to the kind donations of the community and from community fundraising events. 

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Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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