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Space 2 Grow #3 was an exciting opportunity for Young Barnet Foundation VCFSE members to apply for a share of £90,000.00 of funding. 

This round of our Space2Grow Children and Young People's Fund has been supported financially by NHS Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group. 


We received a large number of applications from member organisation for a number of exciting projects and after much difficult deliberation the independent funding panel awarded 8 member organisations funding .    Details of the funding awarded are listed below. 

Total Amount Available:  £90,000


Number of Awards:


Total Amount Awarded:£84,440


Awarded Date 4th October 2017 


Summary of Awards 


Community Focus ARTiculate Futures (£17,500): Targeting 16-25’s with mental health issues – SEND, Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs and LAC. 10 creative workshops (music, visual art, dance, performance and film) in partnership with 10 local organisations. 


Barnet Carers Centre – Young Carers Hubs (£17,397): Supporting Hubs for Young Carers – 4 hubs per month in 2 Barnet locations 1) Friday Hub for 12-17 2) Saturday Hub for 5-11 to give young carers opportunity to take a break from their caring responsibilities, meet other young carers and make new friends and enjoy fun activities that invest in their needs, increase self-confidence and teach new skills. Also supports minibus service so transport isn’t a barrier to access 


Resources for Autism – Friendship Group (£12,821): Weekly social group for Teenagers with Autism and Mental Health co-conditions who find social situations and making friendships very challenging. Group will help break down communication barriers, encourage new friendships and end social isolation. All participants will be supported by home visits and in sessions with specially trained staff as long as necessary to access and take part in the group. 


‘One Barnet Many Voices’ – Jami and Harts Theatre (£13,696): Creative and inter-faith collaboration between Jami, Harts and with Mill Hill East Church to deliver a youth drama project for 13-17s with the aim to build resilience and promote mental wellbeing in the west of the borough. 


Grief Encounter Remembrance Workshops (£6,150): 3hr workshops for 120 children touched by the bereavement of a parent or sibling on days that are particularly hard – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Children are guided through a range of activities by qualified counsellors, gently encouraged to reflect on their experience of loss in small, age-defined sets and participate in a balloon release to mark the completion of the day. 


Suberbos ‘FUNdamentals Through Football’ (£5,970): 28 week educational programme aimed at yr 5 and 6 pupils to equip with skills necessary for transition to Secondary School and designed to harness the positivity of trusted relationship with sports coaches. 2hr workshops after school that will deliver 1hr workshop on issues such as self-esteem, conflict resolution, bullying and equality and 1hr of football training 


Strength in Horses – Barnet Equine Therapy Project (£5,906): 2 x 10 week group sessions for 6 vulnerable young people per group to uses horses as therapeutic tools that engages young people where conventional therapy hasn’t worked, helps avoid stigmatised views of mental health treatment and allows participants to see difficulties as a normal part of social life that helps them feel less problematic and thus allows conversations around tackling them to develop - aligning with resilient schools  


‘Stop and Laugh’ Project - Head Held High & Rainbow Head (£5,000): Collaboration between Head Held High and Rainbow Head, supported by RAF Museum is a week-long, innovative stop motion and stand-up comedy course for teenagers 13+ that will see participants create and produce their own short film/sketch, learn stop motion or stand up skills, explore what makes someone an inspirational role model and how to become one plus lots more aspirational and life enhancing activities. 

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