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Space 2 Grow #1 was distributed in February 2017 with 10 of our Members being awarded funding.

Further information will be posted here shortly on the success of the funding and how it enhanced opportunities, activities and services to children and young people in the Borough of Barnet.  

Funding was awarded to the following member organisations.

Art Against Knives were awarded funding for 1:1 mentoring support and wrap around service for their participants who are on the edges of or at risk of involvement with gangs. 

Legadel were awarded funding for music lessons for children from disadvantaged backgrounds who were struggling academically. 

Harts Theatre Company ​were funded to deliver a 12 week drama project to show hard work is route to achievement and not gang culture. 

Love Burnt Oak were funded to map local activities and deliver a pilot project based on need. 

Exposure were funded for a 12 month project to mentor 10 young people to develop skills to be ready for the world of work. 

Phoenix Canoe Club were funded to proved their site and activities to groups and individual young people from across the borough to explore the enjoyment of water.  

Acorn 2 Oak were funded to provide emotional wellbeing support through the art of sewing and embroidery. 

Jackson Lane was funded to delivery a 12 week workshop project to use theatre and role play to explore the issues relating to violence towards teenage girls. 

Paiwand were funded to provide drama sessions to vulnerable children recently arrived in the UK.  To explore integration into the UK and learn new skills that will improve mental wellbeing.  

Barnet Borough Arts council were funded to run training and first aid sessions for volunteers to do community engagement at community fairs across the borough. 

This small grants fund is available thanks to funding we receive;

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