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Join us as a Young Barnet Foundation
Business Partner


We want to continue to build on our ethos of Generous Leadership and encourage all our stakeholders to do the same.  We want everyone to commit to being Generous Leaders, to be generous with their time, support, skills, information, resources, power, and in recognising the contributions of others. 


Generous leadership creates that space to motivate, inspire, and empower all of us to do more within our communities, it allows us to trust and collaborate so that our children and young people are the true beneficiaries.  So, join us and together we can help create safer, stronger, more connected communities in Barnet, so all our children thrive. 

Community Partner - Business

There is no charge to join us and becoming a Business Partner is open to businesses (for profit organisations) operating in Barnet that wish to support our mission and vision.


To qualify you will:

  • Have your main work site (office, shop, factory, etc) in Barnet. 

  • Or have a local office or project in Barnet. 

  • Support us by contributing to Young Barnet Foundation’s mission and vision statements, to enhance the lives of all our children and young people in Barnet*. 

  • Embrace the ethos of ‘Generous Leadership’ to support us, our VCFSE members and partners by sharing your expertise, learning, and experiences. 

  • Bring added benefit to our VCFSE members, for example, by providing funding, volunteers, low-cost goods or free services, and opportunities for young people. 

  • Explore development opportunities that will support our VCFSE members. 

  • Contribute to local fundraising initiatives to enhance our Space2Grow fund.

*YBF reserves the right to refuse any businesses not working in harmony with our mission and vision  

Our Offer;


  • Present your offer to our VCFSE members and Strategic Partners at sector networking meetings.

  • Work with us to develop employability opportunities and pathways for young people in Barnet.

  • Access to the Venue Bank an online platform for shared venue and delivery space, encouraging free & low-cost venue space for community use. 

  • The opportunity to submit relevant items for inclusion in our communications to VCFSE Members and Strategic Partners.

  • Use of our logo as evidence of our collaborative working partnership. 

  • The opportunity to sponsor our events or funding pots.

Your Benefits;

  • Be seen as a supporter of children and young people in Barnet — a Generous Leader. 

  • Increased awareness of your business, directing members and young people to your services. 

  • Contribute to the growth of diversionary activities in the borough, helping to address crime and anti-social behaviour and promoting the mental and physical wellbeing of our children and young people.

  • Increased awareness of your venue resulting in more bookings (if applicable).

  • Venue Bank, you can find and use available local venues.

  • Access a new generation of employees/volunteers.

  • Reach some of Barnet’s most vulnerable residents.

  • An opportunity to give back to your local community.

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