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If you are a teacher and want to know exactly what your students are thinking and how the school can assist their young cohort, then get involved in this project. 

Every school who actively partakes in the survey will be receive a report on their school, with a comparison to the results of the overall survey.  

Get involved, encourage your young people to volunteer as a young champions, peer researcher or to get involved in the focus groups.  If nothing else, to help get the questionnaires completed.  


1. What will our responsibilities be? 

  • We would require data consent forms to be signed by teachers or the head teacher, in order for us to collect data from students.  All data will be anonymised, no individual, identifying data will be collect within the survey.   

  • In order for the Barnet Youth Voice Survey to be a success, we need a large number of responses from a wide range of student demographics within the borough. We would need schools to work with our Young Champions to ensure that as many students as possible fill out the survey while abiding by our data protection measures. 

2. How would we benefit from the Barnet Youth Voice Survey? 

  • The greatest benefit from the Barnet Youth Voice Survey will be the large, robust and searchable dataset that you, as partner schools, will have access to. The data will aid in identifying the key issues facing students in Barnet and will help you actively target these issues.  

  • For example, a similar needs analysis project done by Young Harrow Foundation in 2017 revealed that there were around 5700 young people with unmet mental health needs in Harrow, allowing for schools and third sector organisations to allocate resources effectively when attempting to meet mental health needs. 


3. How can you help students participate? 

  • Invite us to present at an assembly – encourage discussion in PHSE – actively promote participation. 

  • We will recruit YOUth Voice Champions from the student body in each participating school. These students will be tasked with galvanising support and encouraging the peers to complete the Survey. Schools can help by promoting the Young Champion scheme to suitable students. . 

  • Young Champions will talk to teachers and school authorities to make sure that as many students as possible can fill out the survey in a timely and responsible manner. 


4. How will the collected data be safeguarded? 

  • All the responses to the survey will be anonymous and cannot be linked back to individual students. 

  • The data collected and the end dataset would only been seen by Young Barnet Foundation and affiliated organisations, Middlesex University are our research partner. 

  • Our Young Champions will receive training from Partnership for Young London, and all Young Barnet Foundation staff have been DBS checked. 

  • We actively encourage staff support, especially when Young Champions or YBF staff are engaging with students. 


5. If a student flags up a safeguarding issue, what can be done? 

  • As the survey is completely anonymous, we are unable to trace a response back to any particular student.   

  • Therefore, we will mitigate this as a safeguarding issue by ensuring that we promote pathways of support should any student feel the need of immediate help or support.  This will include KOOTH - free, local safe and anonymous online support for young people. 

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