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Space2Grow #7 - The Micro Fund

Space 2 Grow#7 was the third Micro Fund, an opportunity for members to apply for up to £250 in a quick and simple way, to meet the needs or organisations for equipment or event that other funding may not always allow. 


This round does not have an independent funding panel.  The grants officer would ensure minimum requirements are met and awards were signed off by a trustee.  

Total Amount Available:  £3,500 (Maximum grant of £250)

Number of Awards: 15

Total Amount Awarded:£3,500 

Awarded Date : August 2019

Summary of Awards


8th Hendon Scouts (£200) -  To fund 2 external run training courses for leaders. 
                                                    1. one place on an archery safety and into course (£100) 
                                                    2.  two places on a Target Sprint validation course @£50.00 each 

African Refugee Community (£250) – Purchase of a Projector 


Phoenix Rising (St Michael's Youth Project) (£250) – London Youth Membership fee and purchase of a scanner / copier 


Express Tuition (£250) – to deliver training to voluntary assistant teachers 


The Flower Bank (£250) – Purchase of a device for the processing of contactless donations 


Barnet Community Projects (£250) - To employ an administrator to assist with London Youth Bronze award application. 


Head Held High (£165) - funding to join the London Quality Youth Mark and become a member. This money will support the first years membership and partly the second year too. 


Exposure Organisation Limited (£250) - To deliver photography and cooking workshops with disadvantaged young people aged 16-25, as part of a wider project, ‘Celebrating Difference’ 


SOTO Inspires CIC (£250) - To subsidise specialised staffing for our young people with learning difficulty and disability cost for our Christmas show 


Barnet Lone Parent Centre (£250) – to purchase book bags as part of a wider early reading scheme 


The London Horseplay Centre (£225) – to provide hourly 'top up' sessions to children who have previously attended our 10 hour programme 


Strength and Learning Through Horses (£250) – to purchase various items of horse agility equipment to use in therapy sessions with young people e.g. horse hoop, horse curtain, lightweight poles 


Wild About Our Woods CIO (£250) – to cover 50% of the cost of Forest School training for a volunteer. 


Bread n Butter CIC (£250) – to cover start up costs for a community café at OneStonegrove 


1st Lyonsdown Scout Group (£160) – for the purchase of a gas-powered hot water urn.  

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Delivered with thanks to;

Champions Reunited 300 x 200.png

The funds raised at the ChampionsReunited fundraising event has allowed us to fund Space2Grow#7 Micro Fund.   View information and pictures of the event here

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