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Space2Grow #34 – 2024 Training and Development Micro Fund

Thanks to a generous donation of £3,000 from All Aboard Charity Shops, we are delighted to offer the opportunity to apply for a Micro Grant of up to £250, to be allocated for Training & Development of staff, trustees and volunteers in 2024.

You said, we listened! In line with evidence from the wider sector, and as part of our recent member renewal process, you shared that:

  • Our local  youth sector is among the most important ways for Children and Young People to experience fun, expand their horizons, boost confidence & develop friendships in an affordable, safe & creative structure.

  • But at the same time, the local youth sector is under threat thanks to a perfect storm of cost-of-living price increases, high rates of worker burnout & poor prospects for career development.

  • The Civil Society’s recent survey among charity leaders revealed that 66% of respondents cited that their concerns about worker burnout & employee retention had worsened in the last 12 months.

Young Barnet Foundation is aware that self-development of people within organisations can often be hard to either a) get funding for or b) justify when budgets are tight.  This fund aims to help members invest in their people: staff, volunteers or trustees to strengthen their organisations and what they do to support young people in our borough. 

This round does not have an independent funding panel. The grants officer will review applications on a periodic basis to ensure minimum requirements are met before getting awards signed off by a trustee.  

Key Information:

Application open date: Monday 3rd June 2024
Closing Date: Once funds all allocated, or 13th December 2024, whichever is soonest
Total Amount Available: £3,000
Maximum any one award: £250
Application Review Timings: Reviewed every 2-3 weeks.
Awards Announced: within maximum 28 days of each application. 

Funds awarded through this round of funding must be spent within six months of award and the Monitoring & Evaluation for your project provided within one month of completion of the Training and Development having been undertaken. 

Eligibility Criteria Summary and FAQ's


1) Read Eligibility Criteria
2) Apply online
3) Receive decision and payment within 28 days maximum from date of application.
4) Complete training / course.
5) Complete online M&E form

Who can apply
This fund is open to Young Barnet Foundation VCFSE members who deliver activities and services for children and young people living or at school/college in the London Borough of Barnet. Applicants must be a current member of Young Barnet Foundation as of Monday 13th May 2024  to be eligible to apply for this funding, and have a turnover of £250,000 or less in the most recent financial year.  

Application Process
Application is via the online application form only.  It has been designed to be simple and quick to complete, with the aim it should not take more than 15-20 minutes to complete, in addition to any time spent identifying the training course(s). Please note that once you start the form you cannot save it and come back to it later, however, a pdf version of the form is available here for drafting.

What can we apply for?
Anything that will help the development of individuals or your organisation. Applications for Training & Development which help support staff with employee resilience and mental health will be welcomed. It could also be leadership training for senior managers, or operational training for example on fundraising or comms. There is specific training to support Trustees in understanding their duties along with lots of very specific training on issues such as claiming gift aid.  We are also aware that you may have certifications such as First Aid that require renewal, all of these and more are suitable for applications. If it will benefit the development of individuals or ensure compliance by the organisation, then it should be eligible. Details of previous Micro Funds are available here.

Where can I find suitable yet affordable training? 
While Young Barnet Foundation cannot recommend any specific providers of Training & Development, we have used a range of such providers which includes (but is not limited to): 

What information do I have to provide? 
On top of general details you will be asked to submit the following information in the application process:

  • The number of Staff/Trustees/Volunteers this funding will help deliver training & development to. 

  • The training / development which this funding will deliver and why your organisation has this need.  

  • How this training contributes to either your existing provision, or helps build the capacity of your organisation

  • Does the training & development lead to any formal accreditation or qualification? 

  • Who will be delivering the training & development


You will need to provide screen shots/quotations of the training course(s) that you wish to undertake. 
View a copy of the complete questions

Can we use the funds to renew certificates such as First Aid or Food Safety?

Can we apply for more than one course?
You can apply for a number of courses, for a number of individuals, up to the total value of £250.

Can we apply more than once?
No, due to the administration stresses on our small organisation we ask that you only apply once in this round of funding. 


Young Barnet Foundation recommends reading the full criteria here before you begin your application.

Key Documents:

Please read the Criteria before starting any application – it contains essential information. 

We recommend downloading to view and draft responses to the application questions in advance of starting the online form as once you start, there is no save function. 

Apply Online:

When you are ready to complete the online form please apply here

Complete your monitoring and evaluation here

Space2Grow#34 delivered with thanks to:

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Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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