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Space2Grow #24 - Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) Fund, Summer and Winter 2022

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BACE Holidays is a project delivered in partnership with Barnet Council and funded by the Department for Education to offer children and young people who currently receive free school meals access to enriching activities and a healthy lunch over the holidays.

Space2Grow#24 is the latest instalment of holiday activity grants to distribute central government funding to Young Barnet Foundation members delivering engaging activities and healthy meals during the Summer and Winter 2022 school holiday period.

Information, Training & Resources

Young Barnet Foundation members can find out more information and resources linked to the BACE Holidays programme on our HAF Webpage or view the information video below. 


For private company providers looking to deliver HAF in Barnet, you will need to apply via the Council.  Please visit their website HERE

Application Process

Key information: 


Information Webinar: Thursday 26th May; 11:00am - View this here 

Application open date:  19th May 2022

Closing Date for previous BACE providers: 10th June 2022 

Closing Date for New BACE providers: 24th June 2022 

Awards Announced: No Later than the 30th June 2022

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Key Criteria Summarised

Rate: £19 per person per day  (Reduced if you require food to be provided)


Delivery:  Face to face delivery. 

Dates :  4hours of 4 weeks of 4 days over a minimum of 4 hours per day during the Summer 2022 School Holiday period in Barnet (25th July to 12st September) days of Week 1 (4-8th April) and optional Winter 2022 holiday period. 

We are encouraging members to deliver in week 3-6 but this is not compulsory, but to help there be adequate provision across the borough during the fill holiday period. 

Minimum: 4hrs per day for 4 days for 4 weeks in Summer.    4hrs for 4 days, 1 week in Winter.     

Food :  Should be hot, nutritious food and provided every day. 

Nutritional Information:  Part of the criteria is you must spend a period each week delivering nutrition advice.  This can be done in a number of fun or exciting ways.  Check out the resources to assist

Visits :  Young Barnet Foundation staff will be arranging a visit to each delivery site, arranged in advance.

Development : There will be a number of free training sessions available to organisations during March to support and upskill staff and volunteers.   You are encouraged to send a staff/volunteer to as many of the training sessions as you can.  Whilst not currently compulsory attendance at training courses may be taken in consideration when awarding funding for Summer and beyond.   

Attendance:  Must be Free and for those that are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).   At least 85% of attendees should be FSM eligible.  Any non FSM eligible young people should be from the DFE list found in our criteria document below.  

Covid Safety: You must delivery to National Youth Agency Covid-19 Guidance -  Currently Readiness Level : Green

SEND Providers: Special Educational Needs Providers (SEND) or those who could accommodate SEND young people should contact Young Barnet Foundation grants team before applying.    

**NEW** There are a number of small changes to the criteria and funding for Summer 2022 onwards you need to be aware of;

Award Amount and Payments: Space2Grow funded providers will be paid 85% of their application total up front and the remaining 15% on submission of you M&E.   Your total amount will now be subject to the attendance figures submitted so your total award may change.  This may mean that if attendance is under 85% of your original estimated attendance that you will be asked to return funding or offset against future HAF provision.   You will be eligible for up to 120% of your application amount should sign up/attendance be above that applied for, you will be expected to liaise with the Grants Team at YBF if this is the case.    Award amount may also be reduced if you do not secure the minimum 85% free school meal eligibility requirement.  

Daily Attendance Submission: You will now be expected to submit daily submission numbers either by text message or whatsapp.  This is to identify areas where attendance is below capacity so Young Barnet Foundation and the Council can support you in trying to fill gaps in provision.   

Advertising and Bookings: In order to increase uptake and help fill capacity there will be an increase in advertising in the coming two months leading up to the Summer.     In addition, your projects will all be listed in the Council BACE webpage and Young Barnet website - a short explanation of your project along with the ability for parents to contact you to book (We are not using the council booking system).  Short text and contact details on how to book need to be provided in the application form. 

13-16 Year olds: There is an under use of the HAF projects by 13-16 year olds, although in Barnet we are seeing that the VCFSE has a better engagement than council sites which are based in schools.  We are exploring with the 13-16 year olds what activities they would more likely attend but we also are actively looking for more provision, especially for those who already have a cohort of this older age group.    If you are already running a project for younger age groups you are eligible to run a second programme, for older age groups, maybe later in the day, offering a dinner rather than a lunch.   (you will be required to complete a second application spreadsheet and form)

Visits: This is a reminder that visits are compulsory and that you should make one staff member available to provide time with the staff member visiting.   For the summer we will be conducting random focus groups with the children and with some parents (we will turn up at the beginning or end) to aid learning as we continue look to improve BACE for the Children and Young People taking part. 

Hot Food: This is a reminder that Food should always be hot and nutritious, except on days you maybe going off site where a pack lunch is applicable.   

Additional Food: In partnership with the Council we are working hard to be able to offer additional fruit along with breakfast snacks for those that need it.   More information to follow. 

SEND Triage: Whilst parents should inform you in advance of any additional needs, we are aware that in some circumstances that young people have attended who need additional support.   There is a Triage service that you can call on any day and an additional member of staff will be sent down to your site as quickly as possible.  Please also be aware when speaking to parents who receive a Personal Budget for their child can use it to get SEND support via Teach Now at a discounted HAF rate.  

Parental Interaction: Part of the funding requirements is that you interact with the parents to aid nutritious education.   For example this could be in the form of an end of week show and tell, performance or a coffee morning drop in.       We will be providing information for key services should you need to sign post parents.  

Volunteers:  Having listened to feedback we are improving the volunteer process, further details will be available soon.   Additional Volunteers should not be part of your ratio of adults to children, but where used well we have seen additional support greatly supports delivery for organisations.  

Training:  Again there is a large array of FREE training available to providers, some to meet compulsory requirements other to help upskill staff and volunteers.   More information on the HAF page and on our HAF Training Document HERE

Please read the full Minimum Eligibility Criteria Document found below before completing your application.   

Should you not be able to meet all of the criteria please contact the Grants team as exemptions may be possible in some circumstances.  

We are holding an information webinar for new or existing providers on Thursday 26th May 2022 ,11:00am to update on the new changes and to answer queries.  Email to book for the webinar. 

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Programme Briefing Document
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Eligibility Criteria
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Terms and Conditions

Previous Providers  - Apply Here


Before starting your application download the Summer Application Spreadsheet

Before Starting your application download the Winter Application Spreadsheet (Optional)

Note you cannot save once you have begun the application form.  We recommend downloading the questions here to view questions and draft answers where necessary so that you can copy your answers into the online form.  Submissions must be via the online form

New Providers  

Young Barnet Foundation members looking to deliver HAF in Barnet for the first time should email outlining in very basic terms what your deliver intends to be.   One of the team will be in contact to arrange a short call and providing you meet the criteria you will be sent the application form for new applicants.  

fi you are a Voluntary, Community Faith or Social Enterprise organisation, would like to deliver HAF in Barnet and meet our membership criteria then you will need to apply to be a member before you can apply for HAF or other Space2Grow funding.

If you are a private provider please do not contact Young Barnet Foundation.  You need to apply via the London Borough of Barnet.  More information to view more information and how to become a provider HERE 

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Space2Grow #24 is funded by the Department of Education Holiday Activity fund and delivered in partnership with London Borough of Barnet. 

Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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