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Space2Grow #21  - 2022 Home, School & Community Grant

Space2Grow#21 is Young Barnet Foundation's 2022 Home, School & Community funding round. Only members who have not previously received John Lyon's Charity funding are able to apply.

Key Details:

Total Amount Available to Award:  £50,000

Maximum award per project:  £3,000

Award Total confirmed in Wave 1:  £6,000

Panel Met : 24th March 2022.  

Wave 2 Key Details:

Application open date: Monday 16th May 2022

Closing Date: 22nd July 2022 at 11.59pm

Total Amount Awarded: £16,880

Maximum award per project: £3,000

Panel met:  27th September 2022


The Hope of Childs Hill (THOCH)   £3,000

Hoops of Hope is a community initiative to build local resiliency in the local youth primarily living in NW2. It aims to engage with over 60 inactive participants between the ages of 5-19 in positive sport and physical activity for 40 weeks.

NW7 HUB    £3,000

A 12-week project for our 16-21 year old Youth Board, in which they will: - work regularly with a facilitator from Response Ability Theatre with expertise in theatre and youth, social and mental health outreach, to explore their priorities as individuals and as a young community.

Reflection Network  £2,994

Free faith-sensitive psychotherapy for Muslim heritage children. 

Natural Cycle Development Programme    £2,918

Puberty education. Empowering boys and girls with information, tools and resources to understand the bodily changes they will experience throughout puberty and embark on puberty with confidence.

Nene Tereze    £3,000

6 months of weekly sporting activities for those in the Albanian community.  

Dementia Prevention UK    £3,000

Fun and interactive activities to stimulate the brain in yr5 and 6 children with the aim of reducing Dementia in later life.  

Belifted   £2,984

A young girls support network in the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU).  Addressing many of the issues young girls who have been excluded are exposed to, including unhealthy relationships and county line grooming.  


Main Criteria:

We are specifically seeking applications for projects/activities for children, young people and/or families that: 

  • Undertake Early Intervention and Prevention 

  • Promote Physical Activity 

  • Encourage Young People to enjoy Outdoor Space and Activities 

  • Addresses Mental Health 

  • Employability 


Applications must also demonstrate at least one of the following elements: 

  • Piloting a new initiative (with aim of using data to seek further funding) 

  • Upscaling of an existing project with proven track record 

  • Develop the Charity and/or Trustees 


Successful applicants will be required to attend three support workshops on Bid Writing, Monitoring & Evaluation completion and Organisational Governance. These workshops will also be open to unsuccessful applicants.  

All Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions before completing the application process. 

Applications are particularly welcome from member(s) who have not applied for or received Space2Grow funding in earlier rounds. However, the fund is also open to those who have either previously applied or been granted funding, subject to the following exclusions:


  • Income in last Financial Year must be less than £100,000 

  • Organisations must NOT have received previous funding directly from the John Lyon’s Charity  (You can have had Young Barnet Foundation Funding)

  • Schools may not apply for this funding. 

  • Supplementary Schools may only apply for this funding for activities outside of delivery of core subject and mother tongue lessons 

  • To accurately measure the impact of these grants, the funds awarded cannot be match funded or combined with additional small grant funds from other sources.  

As the finding decisions are overseen by an independent panel, Members may seek support and advice on their applications from Young Barnet Foundation's Member Development team.

Key Documentation


Copies of the key documentation for this round.

View Eligibility Criteria

Terms & Conditions

At the end of the project successful applicants must submit their monitoring and evaluation by completing the online form below.

Space2Grow#21 in partnership with;

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Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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