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Space2Grow #17 - Holiday Activity Fund, Summer & Christmas 2021

BACE Holidays is a project delivered in partnership with Barnet Council and funded by the Department for Education to offer children and young people who currently receive free school meals access to enriching activities and a healthy lunch over the holidays.

Space 2 Grow#17 is the second instalment of holiday activity grants to distribute central government funding to Young Barnet Foundation members delivering engaging activities and healthy meals during the Summer and Winter 2021 school holiday periods.

Nearly £200,000 has been awarded to 23 of Young Barnet Foundation members to deliver over 56,000 hours of free activity to children and young people across Barnet this summer. 

As a result of this programme children who attend these events will:

  • Eat more healthily over the school holidays

  • Be more active during the school holidays

  • Take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character and wellbeing along with their wider educational attainment

  • Be safe and not to be socially isolated

  • Have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition

  • Be more engaged with school and other local services

We also want to ensure that the families who participate in this programme: 

  • Develop their understanding of nutrition and food budgeting

  • Are signposted towards other information and support e.g. health

  • Employment and education


  • Alexz Educational

  • Axis Educational Trust

  • Ball Out Community

  • Barnet Community Projects

  • Barnet Scouts

  • Chaverim Youth Organisation

  • Cricklewood Boxing Club

  • Fresh Arts CIC

  • FUSE Youth Project

  • Grange Big Local

  • GROW

  • Langdon

  • Living Way Ministries

  • Nene Tereza

  • Pro Touch SA CIC

  • Resources for Autism

  • SEYP – Stonegrove Estates Youth Project

  • Somali Bravanese Welfare Association in Barnet

  • Stonegrove Community Trust

  • The Arts Depot Trust Ltd

  • The Hope of Childs Hill

  • Tzivos Hashem UK

  • Wild about our Woods CIO


BACE Holidays website:

HAF2021 website:

Monitoring and Evaluation Submission

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Monitoring and Evaluation Spreadsheet
BACE Holidays Website Listing Form
Space2Grow #17 Acceptance Document
Space2Grow #17
Terms & Conditions
Healthy Eating Activity Ideas for Providers
Healthy Eating Ideas for Caregivers
Healthy Eating Workshop Presentation
Healthy Eating Workshop Session Plan

All members delivering Holiday Activity Fund activities in Summer 2021 will have received the details and requirements of the monitoring and evaluation requirements.  

The downloadable document is the form that requires completion for all attendees.   This document along with all other required information can be submitted online via the button below.    

BACE Holidays Guide for Providers
 Nutrients Presentation
8 Tips for Healthy Eating
COVID19 Guidance for HAF Providers
BACE Summer Brochure
HAF Recipe Books for Hubs
Activity Evaluation
Wellbeing Activity Book




Although the initial deadline for Summer 2021 has passed, Young Barnet Foundation members can still apply for Space2Grow #17 funding.


If you intend to apply for Summer activity funding, please contact the Young Barnet Foundation member services team prior to submitting your application.


Further information and documents can be found below.

Key  Information

What are you able to apply for: 

  •  Enriching Activity during the holiday period with food for children and young people on Free School Meals (or financially challenged families)

What you are applying to deliver: 

  • UP TO 16 days in the summer holiday period with a minimum of 4 hours per session (and optional 4 days of 4 hours at Christmas)

  • Must supply, or have provided to you, healthy meals*  

  • Provide an aspect of nutritional education (training and support documentation provided)

  • Free access

*speak to Young Barnet Foundation if you cannot provide your own food and need support in sourcing this food. 

If a venue is a barrier to delivery during the summer holidays we are also looking at securing free or low cost spaces, please get in contact if you are interested in exploring this.

Eligibility Criteria Summary and FAQ's


Context to this round of funding

The School   holidays   can   be   particular pressure points for some families because of increased   costs (such   as   food   and childcare) and reduced incomes, indeed COVID-19 has impacted some families severely.  Therefore, more children are much less likely to be able to access organised activities.  Furthermore, some of these children can suffer food insecurity leading to an unhealthy holiday in terms of nutrition and physical health as well as the resulting isolation.

Young Barnet Foundation have been working with The Mayor’s Fund  for London Kitchen Social programme as part of the steering/development group, to bring more holiday provision to Barnet to address these needs.  A number of these projects have been running under the name of Kitchen Social Projects. 

The Department for Education is rolling a Holiday Activities and Food Programme out in every Borough.  Barnet as our Local Authority, Young Barnet Foundation and a number of partners are working together to launch the Holiday Activity programme in Barnet.

Barnet Council Family Services, Young Barnet Foundation and wider partners are now tasked with implementing a local approach to this.  Our vision is that together we will reach 4000 children.    

Further explanation is available in the Member Briefing Document

Who can apply

​This fund is open to Young Barnet Foundation VCSE members who deliver activities and services for children and young people living or at school/college in the London Borough of Barnet. Applicants must have been a member as at Tuesday 2oth April 2021 to be eligible to apply for this funding. 

Application Process

Application is via the online application form only.    It has been designed to be as simple as possible but due to this being public funds we have to ensure sufficient information is collected .  Please note that once you start the form you cannot save it and come back to it later.   

In addition, the application process has altered to previous rounds, where a spreadsheet (Found below) must be completed and attached to the online form.    

What can we apply for?

Funding to deliver, or support the delivery of, FREE activities with food during the Summer and Christmas 2021 Holidays.   Read the Minimum Eligibility Criteria document for more details.  However, it should be noted that the following changes have been made to the Criteria during the application process:


The requirement to deliver 4 hours per day for 4 days over 4 weeks has been REMOVED. The only remaining minimum requirement is that you must deliver for at least 4 hours of provision per day.

You can now plan to deliver for up to 16 days across no fixed time frame - for example, you could offer 15 days delivery over 3 weeks. If you can only commit to delivering over a shorter period, please contact us for discussions.

After ongoing discussions with our partners, we are pleased to announce that funding per child for Space2Grow #17 has now been increased from £9 to £19 per child per day. If you have already submitted your application, this change in funding will be automatically applied to your attached spreadsheet

For instance,  an organisation looking to deliver the full 16 days to 20 young people you would now be awarded £6,080.

We are hoping this news will encourage more members to apply or become part of a supply chain (whereby Young Barnet members can partner up and/or buy in services/activities from other members)

We already have a large number of members who are likely to be delivering activities across the Borough but our ultimate aim is to ensure there is a huge network of enriching activities with food happening throughout the summer holidays across every part of the Borough for children that need to access this.

How many people can apply for? 

Due to the current guidelines that predict restrictions will have been lifted there is no maximum number of young people per session that you can apply for.  Should you be requesting a large number of young people you will be asked to evidence how you think you can fill all the places.  

Does it matter which 4 days in a week we run the activities?

No.   Although feedback on the Easter schemes is that for week day offers, a Monday to Thursday offer was better as Friday saw a drop off in numbers. 


What if we are intending to operate from multiple locations or multiple sessions? 

Please contact Ben Grabham in our grants team regarding multiple locations as at submissions you will need to provide ONE online application but a Funding Allocation Form for EACH location/session

Does the Food need to be hot or cold? 

For the Summer and Christmas period, meals should be hot and as nutritious as possible.   Please speak to our staff team should this be an issue as we may be able to join you with relevant support. 

What if we cannot provide food ourselves? 

If you cannot produce or provide the food then you can still apply and food will be made available -  you will receive a less amount per child.  If this is the case, you must call CEO Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090 before you start your application.  

Can this be used with other funding?

Yes it can.  This funding can be used to top up existing funding such as John Lyon's Charity School Holiday Activity Fund (SHAF).  Please note the closing date for SHAF is 1st June 2021

Can this be used along side our paid for service?

Yes it can.  If you usually run a paid for service then you can use this money to offer FREE places for children on Free School meals or with financial hardship. 

We won't be doing face to face activities but intend to do online delivery.

Please call our CEO Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090 to discuss as the delivery has to compliment the council's online delivery, but yes you may still be eligible for funding.   

​What will the questions ask me? 

We recommend downloading a paper version of the application form to see the questions and draft your responses before starting the online form. 

Can Young Barnet help me with my application? 

Our member offer includes support for members with funding applications.  Whilst we will not write the application we can review applications before submission.  Please contact Debra Yardley on  for support.   You can also indicate you would like support by completing the Expression of Interest Form

We need to update our Food Hygiene certificates, where can we do this? 

Food hygiene training - Visit here 

Food allergen training - Visit here  

(Note we are not endorsing this course, but have found it to be cost effective)

What are the Monitoring and Evaluation requirements? 

Because this funding originates from the Department of Education and is linked to free school meals there is specific requirements that must be met.  Details on this to follow.

What about if I am unsure of Christmas delivery? 

You do not need to apply for Christmas delivery now, we will open a further round in the Autumn, but to reduce the amount of administration for both members and Young Barnet Foundation you are eligible to apply once for both holiday periods.  

Can we apply more than once?

No, due to the administration stresses on our small organisation we ask that you only apply once in this round of funding. 

We don't have a venue

If you do not have a suitable venue to deliver please get in touch, we are working with the council and other partners to find suitable venues and your activity may be suitable for one of these.

We can’t provide food

Let us know, we are working to find a solution so it’s important that we know the scale of the challenge.


We can only offer to supply cooked food

We want to hear from you and can partner you with other organisations needing this support.


We can’t offer a full service/our activity is not suitable for 16 days delivery but could enhance the sessions of others

You could be part of a supply chain of activities that other members may wish to buy in your service for some of their sessions.


We don’t have enough staff/volunteers

There will be a volunteer recruitment drive to get additional help for BACE Holidays activities across Barnet. Need volunteers? Let us know!


We aren’t sure we will get the number of children attending

The council will advertise sessions on the BACE Holidays events booking website. So if you can deliver a great activity, please do!


Does it have to be lunch?

No you could deliver a breakfast club, lunch, afternoon or evening session but it must be 4 hours with food.


We cannot offer 16 days

There is no longer the need to offer 4 days of 4 hours over 4 weeks. You can offer maybe one or two weeks worth of activities.


We cannot offer the minimum 4 hours

Contact us. Let's talk.

We don’t want to apply for Christmas

You do not have to. You can apply just for the summer. A further round to apply for Christmas, for those that want to, will be live in early autumn. We made Christmas available now to save some members paperwork if they know they want to run both.

Young Barnet Foundation recommend reading the full criteria here before you begin your application

Space2Grow #17 Application Form
Application Submission Sheet
Eligibility Critera
Briefing Document
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Space2Grow #17 is funded by the Department of Education Holiday Activity fund and delivered in partnership with London Borough of Barnet. 

Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners.