Space2Grow #16 - Holiday Activity Fund, Easter 2021

Space 2 Grow#16 is launched to distribute central government funding to Young Barnet Foundation members to deliver activities in the Easter 2021 Holiday period along with food.    

Further Space2Grow funding will shortly be launched for the Summer and Christmas 2021 period.  

Key information: 

Application open date: Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Closing Date: Sunday 14th March 2021; 23:59

Total Amount Available to Award:  N/A

Maximum any one award:  N/A Applicants are awarded funding based on a price per child basis.  

Application Review Timings :  Reviewed on submission

Awards Announced: No Later than Friday 19th March 2021

NEWS UPDATE: THURSDAY 4th MARCH 18:45 -  There has been an update to the funding, as current  NYA guidance restricts bubbles to 15 there is now an additional £60 per day on top of the £9 per young person per session price.  Version 2 of the Application Spreadsheet is now available to download below and calculates the total funding amount to include the uplift.  


Step 1

Context and Eligibility

Read Member Briefing Document, Eligibility Criteria Summary  &/or watch the Members Webinar explaining the fund, including members Q&A.

Member Briefing Document
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria Summary and FAQ's


Context to this round of funding

The School   holidays   can   be   particular pressure points for some families because of increased   costs (such   as   food   and childcare) and reduced incomes, indeed COVID-19 has impacted some families severely.  Therefore, more children are much less likely to be able to access organised activities.  Furthermore, some of these children can suffer food insecurity leading to an unhealthy holiday in terms of nutrition and physical health as well as the resulting isolation.

Young Barnet Foundation have been working with The Mayor’s Fund  for London Kitchen Social  programme as part of the steering/development group, to bring more holiday provision to Barnet to address these needs.  A number of these projects have been running under the name of Kitchen Social Projects. 

The Department for Education is rolling a Holiday Activities, with Food Programme out in every Borough.  Barnet as our Local Authority, Young Barnet Foundation and a number of partners are working together to launch the Holiday Activity programme in Barnet.

Barnet Council Family Services, Young Barnet Foundation and wider partners are now tasked with implementing a local approach to this.  Our vision is that together we will reach 4000 children.    

Further explanation is available in the Member Briefing Document



Who can apply

This fund is open to Young Barnet Foundation VCSE members who deliver activities and services for children and young people living or at school/college in the London Borough of Barnet. Applicants must have been a member as at Tuesday 2nd March 2021 to be eligible to apply for this funding. 

Application Process

Application is via the online application form only.    It has been designed to be as simple as possible but due to this being public funds we have to ensure sufficient information is collected .  Please note that once you start the form you cannot save it and come back to it later.   

In addition, the application process has altered to previous rounds, where a spreadsheet (Found below) must be completed and attached to the online form.    

What can we apply for?

Funding to deliver, or support the delivery of, FREE activities with food during the Easter 2021 Holidays.   Read the Minimum Eligibility Criteria document for more details.    Must be a minimum of 4 hours and provide food.  Funding will be for 4 days over the Easter period.    You will be awarded £9 per person per session (minimum 4 hours) plus an additional £60 per day uplift.  

Does the Food need to be hot or cold? 

For the Easter period, based on the short time frame meals can be hot or cold, as nutritious as possible. 

What if we cannot provide food ourselves? 

If you cannot produce or provide the food then you can still apply and food will be made available -  you will receive a less amount per child.  If this is the case, you must call CEO Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090 before you start your application.  

Can this be used with other funding?

Yes it can.  This funding can be used to top up existing funding such as John Lyon's School Holiday Activity 

We want to do a morning session with one bubble and an afternoon session with another

Please call our CEO Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090 to discuss  if you wish to do two sessions per day. 

We won't be doing face to face activities but intend to do online delivery.

For the Easter holiday period if you are doing online delivery only then please call our CEO Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090 to discuss as the delivery has to compliment the council's online delivery, but yes you may still be eligible for funding.   

What will the questions ask me? 

We recommend downloading a paper version of the application form to see the questions and draft your responses before starting the online form. 

Can Young Barnet help me with my application? 

Our member offer includes support for members with funding applications.  Whilst we will not write the application we can review applications before submission.  Please contact Debra Yardley on  for support.  

We need to update our Food Hygiene certificates, where can we do this? 

Food hygiene training - Visit here 

Food allergen training - Visit here  

(Note we are not endorsing this course, but have found it to be cost effective)

What are the Monitoring and Evaluation requirements? 

Because this funding originates from the Department of Education and is linked to free school meals there is specific requirements that must be met.   We recommend downloading an example of the Monitoring and Evaluation form which will need to be uploaded via the online M&E form along with a photo, quote from a young person and a quote from a staff member / volunteer

What about the Summer holidays? 

There will be a further round of Space2Grow funding for the summer and Christmas holiday periods.  Launching soon. 

Can we apply more than once.

No, due to the administration stresses on our small organisation we ask that you only apply once in this round of funding. 

Young Barnet Foundation recommend reading the full criteria here before you begin your application

Step 2



Option 1 - FACE-TO-FACE DELIVERY  and our organisation has the ability to provide food -   Progress to Step 3 to apply online


Option 2 - FACE-TO-FACE DELIVERY but our organisation cannot provide the food and would need support.    -  Call Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090 to discuss


Option 3 - ONLINE DELIVERY - We intend to offer online activities during Easter but are interested in funding and being able to offer food to our young people -   Call Janet Matthewson on 020 3621 6090

Step 3

Step 3.a) Before you start the online application you need to download and complete the following funding allocation form that will need to be completed, saved and then attached to the application.    This download version includes £60. upload per day.  

Download and Complete

Step 3.b) We also advise you to have ready the following documents ready to upload into the application;

- Safeguarding Policy

- Copy of Bank Statement (within last 3 months and redacted) or Paying in Slip. 

Step 4

Download Application Form

You can now apply online.  

Note you cannot save the application form mid completion.  We therefore recommend downloading the attached paper copy to draft responses

Full Terms and Conditions can also be downloaded. 

Download T&Cs


Space2Grow #16 is funded by the Department of Education Holiday Activity fund and delivered in partnership with London Borough of Barnet. 

Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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