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Space2Grow#10  -  West Locality Mental Health and Wellbeing 2020

Young Barnet Foundation launch Space2Grow#10 for members to apply for a share of £40,000.00 of funding, with a maximum grant of £10,000 any one project, specifically to delivery activities and services addressing menta health and wellbeing in the West Locality of the Borough . 

Key information: 

Fund Information Webinar  Wednesday 14th October 2020

Application open date:  Wednesday 14th October 2020

Closing Date: Friday 6th November 2020 - 23.59:00pm

Total Amount Available to Award:  £40,000.00

Maximum any one award:  £10,000

Independent Panel Meeting: Wednesday 25th November 2020

Awards Announced: Friday 27th November 2020



Young Barnet Foundation managed to source additional funding to ensure all 5 projects that Public Health wanted to fund received full funding. 

We are pleased to confirm £48,910 worth of funding to 5 Young Barnet Foundation members delivering projects that target children, young people and/or families whose social, emotional and mental wellbeing needs are greatest. £40,000 of this funding has been provided via London Borough of Barnet Family Services & NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group to support Mental Health Support Teams within the community.  We are also aware that one of the applicants will be funded for the remaining value of their application by another funder. 

The 4Front Project - £10,000 

This project proposes to fully integrate holistic, therapeutic services within existing support provision so that young people can begin to heal, deepen resilience and self-efficacy, improve self-perceptions and social inclusion.  A Therapeutic Support Manager (TSM) will lead this work to support our members affected by poor mental health and emotional wellbeing, bereavement, the care system, criminal exploitation, poverty and racial inequity and injustice. The TSM will coordinate a group of trainee therapeutic practitioners (undertaking placements as part of their formal qualifications) ; the service  will provide a mixture of one to one therapy, group therapy and hopefully creative therapies (music and drama), as well as support for Youth Support Service staff.  

Youth Realities - £9,200 

An expansion of a current Survivor’s 1:1 support programme, currently offered to 10 young Survivor’s with a range of emotional and complex traumas, experiences and needs.  

This project will bring existing and new members together through monthly group activities and workshops that are tailored to meet the wider needs of the group and increase their emotional resilience, wellbeing, confidence and social skills. 

This project expansion will enable the wider group to engage in workshops they are interested in such as fitness (rock climbing, boxing), crafts (sewing/ dress making) and training (mental health first aid); reminding them that they are not defined by their experiences, and allow them to simply be young people. 

Resources for Autism - £9,765 

This project aims to support children, young people and their families/carers that are affected by autism to manage their wellbeing and/or isolation through the provision of a dedicated Triage service in Barnet. Many of the families and young people we are already supporting have reported increased levels of anxiety and isolation related to Covid-19 and reduced ability to leave their home over extended periods of time. For some the impact of Covid-19 has been paralyzing due to anxiety triggered by loss of routine.  

ADDISS - £10,000 

The ADDISS ADHD Youth Project will;  

• educate and support 9- 18 years who have been diagnosed with ADHD or currently awaiting assessment for diagnosis of ADHD.  

• will  help them understand and manage their ADHD  

• make better life choices,  

• improve family relationships,  

• build better social relationships,  

• build resilience and self esteem,  

• create a feeling of wellbeing by developing a positive self image and self acceptance.  

• Help manage conflict 

• Help manage emotions  

• Support transition from primary to secondary 

• Support transition from secondary to FE and also to adult ADHD services 

• Liaising with schools 

ADDISS will do this through a series of interactive workshops that will educate and destigmatize the condition. 

ADDISS will also provide a zoom and telephone support service for parents. ADDISS will support them with crisis management.  With the ADDISS ADHD Youth project will build on the successes of a previous project focusing mainly on children under 12 with ADHD. 

Wild About Our Woods - £9,945

The Fairway Nature Nurturing project will pilot a therapeutic programme based in nature to support children’s wellbeing: from parent and toddler, primary years to transition to secondary school. In the woodlands attached to the school we will create social opportunities for pupils at Fairway Primary school and pre school children and their parents to attend either 6 or 12 ‘bubble’ nature based sessions. It has been brought to our attention that early intervention and support is increasingly needed at Fairway. 

Utilising Forest School activities we will facilitate physical, educational, therapeutic and social activities to support their emotional wellbeing, helps to build resilience and self esteem beyond the programme. Participants will be able to engage, enjoy and enhance the woodlands while making better connections to each other and in turn themselves.   

The Forest School learning environment allows children to form positive relationships with others, to develop growing awareness of their emotional needs and the needs of others, to learn to cooperate and work with their peers and adults and develop strategies in order to take risks within the boundaries of safety. The forest setting where this takes place allows the children to engage with the natural environment. 



Dr Dariush Salehi, MHST Clinical Manager at Barnet Integrated Clinical Services

Sarah Konn – Barnet Integrated Clinical Services

Varsha Mehta - Senior Commissioning Manager, Commissioning and Business Improvement -  Family Services – LB of Barnet

Also in attendance to facilitate the meeting; Janet Matthewson, Peter Williamson & Ben Grabham (Young Barnet Foundation)

Space2Grow#10 in partnership with;

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Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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