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Healthy Eating Resources

To celebrate Healthy Eating Week, we've collated some free resources for you, from recipes and tips to help families you work with to fun and creative activities to engage your young people in the topic of eating healthily.

What is Healthy Eating Week?

Healthy Eating Week takes place from 13–17 June 2022. It’s an annual event championed by the British Nutrition Foundation which highlights what we can all do to have healthier lifestyles.

Their website offers tool kits to help organisations promote healthy eating such as posters, recipe cards and a video on 'How to eat healthy for the planet'.

Free information and resources

Barnet Council’s health and wellbeing hub contains a range of resources to help local residents lead a more healthy and active life.

This includes a range of videos and recipe cards produced in partnership with North London-based social enterprise Bread n Butter covering topics such as:

The NHS website also has an extensive list of resources offering practical tips and advice on eating well including:

For more information visit

Join the Sugar Smart campaign!

SUGAR SMART Barnet is a local campaign about supporting workplaces, businesses and organisations to reduce sugar consumption.

Sugar consumption has a major effect on our health especially in children. In Barnet 1 in 5 children started primary school overweight or obese in 2017/18. For the same year that figure was 1 in 3 for Year 6 pupils.

Your organisation can make various SUGAR SMART pledges, for example, you could pledge to:

  • actively promote free drinking water

  • provide information on healthy food

  • run promotions on healthier food and drink options

Everyone can be involved in this campaign, not just organisations. For more information visit or visit the official Sugar Smart campaign website for more ideas on how to get involved.

Funky Fruit Workshop

Looking for a way to engage children with healthy eating in a creative and fun way? Check out the Funky Fruit Workshop by Julia Elmore. Julia is one of our wonderful Member Development Officers and kindly supplied her collage workshop video and template for use on our website. Thanks Julia!

An introduction video to the Funky Fruit project:

The full step by step video:

Instructions can be found here and the template here.


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