For the second year we are undertaking a membership renewal process.  This ensures we have up to date information on our members and can concentrate our member offer and support based on the annual feedback. It allows us to make sure our small team can focus on those organisations who want to remain active YBF members.


To this end, we are asking all members to complete the renewal process by the 11th February 2022. To renew, please complete the short survey here


Young Barnet Foundation will have sent an emailing to the lead contact at each organisation and we encourage staff to check within your organsiation who is completing the renewal form. 



We have also refreshed our member offer and benefits Our membership remains free of charge. By renewing your membership you will have access to all of the benefits, the highlights being :

  • Continued access to our support 1:1 meetings, network events, newsletters, etc. (which will be more tailored as we'll know what your up to date needs are).

  • Ability to apply for our Space2Grow funding.

  • Access to our new Member Information Pack (direct to your inbox) giving you the information and support you need to grow or sustain your organisation.

  • Opportunity to use our new Quality Framework, a self-improvement tool designed specifically for the sector.


We want to complete a thorough review but in a simple and straightforward way. The whole questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes. 

Should you have any issues or to discuss the renewal, please email the team on or call 020 3621 6090.  Please note that many staff are taking leave over the Christmas period and so response may be slower than usual. 


Not yet a member

To find out more information and how to join click HERE