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Young Barnet Foundation are excited to be able to offer the Jack Petchey Foundation Awards scheme to its members. 

An opportunity for Member organisations to reward their young people with the award and receive funding into your orgaisation. 

Young Barnet Foundation will be operating as a coordiantor. 

Watch this short video to understand the scheme. 

For more information visit the Jack Petchey Foundation website.

Minimum Eligability Criteria

- Registered Charity or State Secondary school/college or Local authority club or A property constituted 'not for profit. 

- Be based in London or Essex  (note Young Barnet Foundation are managing this for Barnet organsiations only)

- Have been operating for at least one year

- Regular work with young people aged 11-25

- Have an active attendance of more than 12 young people

- Be committed to participation of young people in decision making within the organisation

- Be committed to diversity and inclusion

- Be financially sustainable

Jack Petchey Help Documents


Download the Jack Petchey Awards Timeline Document here


View suggested ways to spend the £250 prize here 


Examples of the citations expected with the submissions here

How do I get my organisation involved? 

Step 1

Complete the online form shown below by 31st July 2019

Jack Petchey will then confirm whether you are to receive Bronze, Silver or Gold status - this confirm the number of awards you need to make per year.  (Bronze is 3 awards - 2 in spring term, one in the autumn term, Silver 6 and Gold 9 - decision based on size of your organsiaton)

On confirmation of the award scheme a full guidance pack will be provided but in summary....

Step 2

Get your young people to nominate their peers for the awards.   Complete the simple application page that will be provided to you.  

Within your organsiation you will vote on the winners based on those nominated  -  this can include young people, staff and parents. 

Step 3

Each Winner is presented with their awards pack and asked to confirm how they wish to spend their £250 prize.

Step 4 

Celebrate the award and make sure that your young people and their families attend the annual awards ceremony 

Step 5

Submit your monitoring and evalaution form by the due dates of 30th May and 30th October to Young Barnet Foundation. 

Step 6

By being on the Jack Petchey Awards scheme your organisation becomes eligable to apply to Jack Petchey Foundation and their partners for other various awards.  Some of which are listed here but include the Leader Award.    Futher information will be made available to you.