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We have had a facelift!

Please head to the Barnet Food Hub's new website for all information on our project, our foodbank partners and much more! 

Young Barnet Foundation tackling holiday hunger.


  • Space2Grow #11 August Activity Fund awarded funding to 6 groups to deliver Activities with Food in August 2020.  Resulting in 303 unique participants receiving meals during the summer holiday.  

  • Launched the Barnet Community Response Fund, in conjunction with Barnet Together, at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown to fund foodbanks and food distribution across the borough ensuring hundreds of vulnerable families and children got fed.  Read about how the donations of kind residents really did make a difference. 

  • Employed a Holiday Hunger Action lead during 2019 and early 2020 to develop the opportunities for Young Barnet Foundation members to offer activities with food across the school holiday periods. 

  • Supported the running of the Essentials Supply Hub, now being operated by Barnet Together, to support food distribution to 15 Foodbanks that now operate across the London Borough of Barnet. 

  • Young Barnet Foundation actively contributed to the 2019 Food Secure Barnet Action Plan by Barnet Council

  • CEO Janet Matthewson is part of the Mayors Fund for London / Kitchen Social Advisory Group which seeks solutions to Holiday Hunger on a local level. 




Kitchen Social is one activity & food scheme.  There is funding available to set up new schemes.  For more information on Kitchen Social visit the Mayor Fund for London pages HERE

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